Section 11   [ View Judgements ]

Areas of affected and benefited zone to be notified

(1) In respect of a project to which this Act applies, the Commissioner of the revenue division, in which the entire or major part of the project lies, shall by notification in the Official Gazette -

(a) specify the village; or areas, if any, which are likely to be in the affected or benefited zone of such project;

(b) specify, provisionally the area of holding in such villages or areas if any, to which restriction specified in section 12 shall apply.

(2) Such notification shall be published in the villages or areas which are likely to be the affected and benefited zones, by beat of drums and by affixing a copy of notification in some prominent place or places in the zones, and in the village chavdi and in the office of the Village panchayat, if any, and also in the office of the Tahsildar, the Collector, the project authority and the Commissioner.

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