Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulation of the promotion of construction, sale, management and transfer) Act, 1963

Section Title
  1 Short title, [extent and commencement] View Judgements
  2 Definitions View Judgements
  3 General liabilities of promoter View Judgements
  4 Promoter before accepting advance payment or deposit to enter into agreement and agreement to be registered View Judgements
  4A Effect of non-registration of agreement required to be registered under Section 4 View Judgements
  5 Promoter to maintain separate account of sums taken as advance or deposit and to be trustee therefor and disburse them for purposes for which given View Judgements
  5A Competent Authority View Judgements
  6 Responsibility for payment of outgoings till property is transferred View Judgements
  7 After plans and specifications are disclosed no alterations or additions without consent of persons who have agreed to take the flats; and defects noticed within [1] [three years] to be rectified View Judgements
  7A Removal of doubt View Judgements
  8 Refund of amount paid with interest for failure to give possession within specified time or further time allowed View Judgements
  9 No mortgage etc. to be created without consent of parties after execution of agreement for sale View Judgements
  10 Promoter to take steps for formation of co-operative society or company View Judgements
  11 Promoter to convey title, etc., and execute documents, according to agreement View Judgements
  12 General liabilities of flat-taker View Judgements
  12A Manager not to cut off, withheld, curtail or reduce essential supply or service View Judgements
  13 Offences by promoters [and consequences on conviction] View Judgements
  13A Power of Magistrate to pass sentences under this Act View Judgements
  13B Competent Authority to be public servant View Judgements
  13C Proceedings before Competent Authority to be judicial proceedings View Judgements
  13D Competent Authority deemed to be Civil Court for certain purposes View Judgements
  13E Indemnity for acts done in goods faith View Judgements
  14 Offences by companies View Judgements
  15 Power to make rule View Judgements
  16 Act to be in addition to Transfer of Property Act and to over-ride contract to the contrary View Judgements
  17 Application of certain provisions to flats already in existence View Judgements
  18 Act not to apply to Housing and Area Development Authority and Boards View Judgements

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