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(1) Where by reason of employers or unprotected workers in any scheduled employment refusing to nominate persons for representing them on the Board or for any reasons whatsoever, it appears to the State Government that it is unable to constitute a Board for such scheduled employment in accordance with the provisions of section 6, the State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint a person who shall hold office until a Board is duly constituted under section 6 for such scheduled employment.

(2) The person so appointed shall be deemed to constitute the Board for the time being, and shall exercise all the powers and perform and discharge all the duties and functions conferred and imposed upon the Board by or under this Act. He shall continue in office until the day immediately preceding the date of the first meeting of such Board.

(3) The person constituting the Board shall receive such remuneration from the fund of the Board, and the terms and other conditions of service shall be such as the State Government may determine.

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