for example: TATA AIG

  for example: Indian Contract Act

  for example: Ratan Tata

  for example: Negotiable Instruments Act

Schedule II

(See section 14)

Revenue Acts

1. The Hyderabad Court of Wards Act.

2. The Hyderabad Stamp Act.

Tenancy Acts

3. The Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948.

4. The Hyderabad Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1950.

5. The Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands (Vidarbha Region) Act, 1958.

Ceiling on Holdings Act

6. The Maharashtra Agricultural Lands (Ceiling on Holdings) Act, 1961.

Tenure Abolition Acts

7. The Bombay Khoti Abolition Act, 1949.

8. The Bombay Pargana and Kulkarni Watans (Abolition) Act, 1950.

9. The Salsette Estates (Land Revenue Exemption Abolition) Act, 1951.

10. The Bombay Personal Inams Abolition Act, 1952.

11. The Bombay Merged Territories (Janjira and Bhor) Khoti Tenure Abolition Act, 1953.

12. The Bombay Kauli and Katuban Tenures Abolition Act, 1953.

13. The Bombay Merged Territories and Area (Jagirs Abolition) Act, 1953.

14. The Bombay Service Inams Useful to Community Abolition Act, 1953.

15. The Bombay Land Tenure Abolition (Amendment) Act, 1953.

16. The Bombay Bhil Naik Inams Abolition Act, 1955.

17. The Bombay Merged Territories Miscellaneous Alienations Act, 1955.

18. The Bombay Shetgi Watan Rights (Ratnagiri) Abolition Act, 1956.

19. The Bombay Inferior Village Watans Abolition Act, 1958.

20. The Madhya Pradesh Abolition of Proprietory Rights (Estates, Mahals, Alienated Lands) Act, 1950.

21. The Maharashtra Revenue Patels (Abolition of Office) Act, 1962.

22. The West Khandesh Mehwassi Estates (Proprietory Rights Abolition, etc.) Regulation, 1961.

Other Acts

23. The Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950.

24. The Bombay Hereditary Offices Act, 1874.

25. The Maharashtra Restoration of Lands to Scheduled Tribes Act, 1974.

26. The Maharashtra Private Forest (Acquisition) Act, 1975.

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