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Power of entry

(1) The Planning Authority or any officer authorised by it, may enter into or upon any land or building with or without assistants or workmen for the purpose of, -

(a) ascertaining whether any land is being or has been developed in contravention of any provision of this Act or any other law;

(b) making any measurement or survey or taking levels of such land or building;

(c) setting out and marking boundaries and intended lines of development;

(d) marking such levels, boundaries and lines by placing marks and cutting trenches;

(e) examining works under construction and ascertaining the course of sewers and drains :

Provided that, -

(i) in the case of any building used as a dwelling-house, or upon any enclosed part of garden attached to such building, no such entry shall be made except between the hours of sunrise and sunset and without giving its occupier at least twenty-four hours notice, in writing, of the intention to enter;

(ii) sufficient opportunity shall, in every instance, be given to enable women (if any), to withdraw from such land or building;

(iii) due regard shall always be had, so far may be compatible, with the exigencies of the purpose for which the entry is made, to the social and religious usages of the occupants of the land or building entered.

(2) The powers of the Planning Authority or any person authorised by the Planning Authority in this behalf, shall extend only to the area under its jurisdiction.

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