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Section 6   [ View Judgements ]

Upgradation of regularised Gunthewari development

(1) The amounts accruing to the Planning Authority on account of compounding fee shall be kept by the Planning Authority in a separate head of account, layout-wise and utilised for providing on-site infrastructure (other than electricity supply) in the layout :

Provided that, fifteen per cent, of such amount shall be retained by the Planning Authority towards administrative charges.

(2) The on-site development of the layout shall be undertaken in proportion to the amount of compensation received by the Planning Authority.

(3) Common or indivisible infrastructure or services or amenities or facilities shall be provided by the Planning Authority only after such minimum proportion of number of plots in the layout, as may be determined by the State Government, from time to time, have been regularised.

(4) Individual or divisible infrastructure or services or amenities or facilities may be provided as per the terms and conditions prescribed under the relevant law, after the plot has been regularised.

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