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Order sanctioning refund of tax

(1) When the Profession Tax Assessing Authority is satisfied that a refund of any amount of tax or penalty is due either because of excess payment or the order of the appellate or the revisional authority or any other court, it shall, if the employer or person desires payment in cash, issue to him a refund payment order in Form 18.

(2) The Profession Tax Assessing Authority issuing the refund payment order shall intimate the numbers of the books thereof in use for the time being to the Treasury Officer within his jurisdiction.

(3) Where the amount of refund is required to be adjusted against any arrears of tax, penalty or any other amount due under the Act, the Profession Tax Assessing Authority shall issue a refund adjustment order in Form 19 in respect of the refund so adjusted authorising the employer or person to deduct that amount from the arrears of tax outstanding against him.

(4) In support of any claim for deduction according to sub-rule (3) the employer or person shall attach his copy of refund adjustment order to the challan showing the credit into the treasury of the balance of the amount in respect of which a notice of demand has been issued under Section 14.

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