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Salary and allowances of the Leader of the Opposition

There shall be paid to the Leader of the Opposition such salary, Sumptuary allowances, Family allowances, Entertainment allowances, Conveyance allowances, Travelling and Daily allowances and shall also be entitled to such other amenities as are provided for a Minister under the Salaries and Allowances of Minister Act, 1999 and the rules made there under;

Provided that the Leader of the Opposition shall be entitled to Travelling allowance and Daily allowance for attending conference or seminar or on official duty sponsored by the State or Central Government or Parliament or State/Union Territory Legislatures or Mizoram Legislative Assembly; Provided further that while in station the Leader of the Opposition shall be entitled to POL as are admissible to a Minister, and while he is out-station on official duties stated above, he will be entitled to POL besides Travelling allowance and Daily allowance.

EXPLANATION: For the purpose of this Section, a "Minister" means a member of the Cabinet in the Council of Ministers.

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