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Conformity to National and International Standards

(1) If any organic farming is undertaken in any area, all the production-components, procedure, processing, harvesting, packaging, transportation and marketing shall be strictly in conformity to the declared national and/or international standards, and the whole farm, including livestock, shall be converted according to the standards over a set period of time.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the provision contained in sub-section (1) and in particular, land, choice of crops and varieties, duration of conversion period, diversity in crop-production, use of fertilisers, pest, disease and weed management including growth regulators, contamination control, soil and water conservation, collection of non-cultivated material of plant origin, animal husbandry management, handling and processing of organic products, labelling, storage and transportation of organic products shall be in strict conformity to the national certification programme as adapted and prescribed by the State Government.

(3) In organic farming, all efforts shall be made to achieve sustenance of soil fertility through the re-cycling of organic materials whose nutrients are made available to crops through the action of soil micro-organisms and bacteria, and to this end, products to be used for fertilising and soil conditioning, products to be used for plant pest and disease-control and the procedure to evaluate additional inputs to organic farming shall be such as may be prescribed.

(4) With a view to maintain standards, use of ingredients of non-agricultural origin as processing aids in the processing of organic food-products, use of certain products for packaging of organic food-products, use of feed materials, feed additives and processing aids for animal nutrition, authorisation of products to be used for cleaning and disinfection of livestock buildings and installations connected with organic farming shall be restricted and approved by the State Government in conformity with the standards and certification programme.

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