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(1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires:-

(a) 'Accreditation' means Registration by the Accreditation Agency for certifying organic farms, produces and processes as per the National Standards for Organic Products and as per the National Accreditation Policy and Programme for Organic Products.

(b) 'Accreditation Agency' means the agency set up or recognised by the Government on the recommendation of the Steering Committee for National Programme for Organic Production, and include Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under the Central Government, Coffee Board, Tea Board and Spices Board.

(c) 'Certification Mark' means certification Programme's sign, symbol or logo which identifies the products as certified according to the National Standards for Organic Products, and includes the India Organic logo.

(d) 'Certification Programme' means the system operated by an Inspection and Certification Agency in accordance with the prescribed criteria for carrying out certification in conformity of standards.

(e) 'Conventional Farming' means the farming systems dependent on inputs of artificial fertilizers and/or chemicals and pesticides, or which are not in conformity with the basic standards of organic farming.

(f) 'Conversion-Period' means the time between the start of organic -farming and the certification of crops as organic.

(g) 'Farmers' means individual farmers, group of farmers, farmers' society and even a cooperative society engaged in farming.

(h) 'Inspection and Certification Agency' means the organisation for inspection & certification in conformity with the National Accreditation Policy & Programme as adapted.

(i) 'Organic Farming' means a system of cultivation which is eco-friendly and which can achieve sustainable productivity without the use of artificial and external inputs such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and shall also include organic processing.

(j) 'Prescribed' means prescribed under the rules made for the purpose of this Act.

(k) 'Regulation' means the Regulations made for the purpose of organic production including Accreditation Regulation, 2001 under the National Programme for Organic Production and the Organic Production Certification Mark Regulations, 2002.

(l) 'Rules' means the rules made under this Act.

(m) 'Standards' means the standards for National Organic Products, established by the Steering Committee for National Programme for Organic Production.

(n) 'State Government' means the State Government of Mizoram.

(2) All other words and expressions used in this Act but not defined in sub-section (1) of this section shall have the same meaning as defined in the National Programme for Organic Production declared by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India from time to time.

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