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(1) As soon as may be after this Act is brought into force in any urban area, the urban local authority concerned shall constitute a Tree Authority, consisting of the chairman and other not less than five and not more than fifteen persons, from amongst its members, appointed in such manner and for such period as that authority may determine

Provided that, where an administrator by whatever name called is appointed for any municipal corporation or municipal council, he shall, during the period of his appointment, act as the Tree Authority and exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of the Trees Authority.

(2) In the case of an urban local authority specified in column (1) of the table below, the Chairman of its Tree Authority shall be the person specified against it in column (2) thereof.

(3) Every Tree Authority may nominate representatives f non- official organisations, who have special knowledge or practical experience in the field of planting and preservation of trees, as members of the Tree Authority, but the number of such nominated member shall not exceed the number of members appointed under sub-section (1).] These members shall be in such manner and, for such period as may be prescribed.]

(4) Any vacancy in the Tree Authority shall be filled as so on as may be by the authority competent to appoint the member in whose place fresh appointment is to be made.

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