Section 21   [ View Judgements ]


Whoever fells any tree or causes any tree to be felled in contravention of the provisions of the Act or without reasonable excuse fails to comply with any order issued or conditions imposed by the Tree Officer or the Tree Authority or voluntarily obstructs any member of the Tree Authority or Tree Officer or any officers and servants subordinate to him in the discharge of their functions under this Act, shall, on conviction be punished with the fine of not less them one thousand rupees which may extend up to five thousand rupees for every offence and also with imprisonment for a term of not less than one week, which may extend up to one year;

Provided that, nothing in this section shall apply to the felling of trees on or along the public roads undertaken by the Public Works Departments of the State or Central Government.

(2)The felling or causing of felling of each tree without the permission of the Tree Authority shall constitute a separate offence.]

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