Section 14   [ View Judgements ]


(1) Where any decision is given or order is made under section 9 or 10 by the Tree Officer, an appeal shall lie to the Tree Authority.

(2) The appeal shall be made within fifteen days from the date the decision is communicated to, or the order is received by, the owner or occupier of the land and shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs. 50.

(3) The Tree Authority shall, as far as possible, decide the appeal within sixty days from the date of its receipt, after giving a reasonable opportunity to the appellant of being heard. The decision of the Tree Authority shall be final, and shall not be questioned in any Court of Law:

Provided that, where an appeal is made in time, the period for compliance, specified in the order of the Tree Officer appealed against, shall be reckoned from the date on which the appeal, is decided against the appellant and where the appeal is allowed, the fee of Rs. 50 paid with the appeal shall be refunded to the appellant.

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