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(1) The Board of Examinations shall ensure proper organisation of examinations and tests of the university, including moderation, tabulation and the declaration of results.

(2) The Board shall meet at least once in each academic term.

(3) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of duties as mentioned in sub-section (1), the Board shall exercise the following powers and perform the following duties. namely:—

(a) to appoint paper-setters, examiners and moderators from amongst the persons included in the panels prepared by the respective Boards of Studies and, where necessary, having regard to the recommendations made by the committee under clause (b) of sub-section (6) remove them or debar them;

(b) to undertake, exercise and experiment in examination re forms;

(c) to exercise such other powers in relation to examinations as may be assigned to it by or under the Act.

(4) In case of any emergency requiring immediate action to be taken, the Chairman of the Board or any other officer or person authorised by him in that behalf, shall take such action as he thinks fit and necessary, and shall report at the next meeting of the Board, the action taken by him.

(5)(a) In order to appoint paper-setters, examiners and moderators, the Board of Examinations shall constitute committees for every subject consisting of,—

(i) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, if any, Chairman;

(ii) the Dean of the concerned faculty;

(iii) the Chairman of the concerned Board of Studies;

(iv) two members of the Board of Studies nominated by it from amongst its members 1 whom at least one shall be a post graduate teacher]

Provided that, where a Pro-Vice-Chancellor is not appointed in a university the Dean of the concerned faculty shall be the Chairman:

(b) The Controller of Examinations shall act as Secretary of such committees;

(c) The committees shall prepare lists of persons for various examinations and tests, from amongst persons, included in the panels to be prepared by the Board of Studies and shall submit them to the Examination Board, which shall then appoint paper-setters, examiners and moderators, and where necessary referees;

(d) No member of the Board of Examinations or the committees shall be appointed as paper-setter, examiner, moderator or referee;

(e) The committee shall obtain three sets of question papers in sealed covers in the respective subject. The Chairman of the commit tee shall draw at random one of such sealed covers containing question papers. This sealed cover with seals intact shall then be sent to the press;

(f) Assessment of answer-books for all degree examinations shall be done centrally through central assessment system. All the answer- books of an examination shall be collected at a convenient central place. The answer-books then will be given code numbers and will be masked. All the examiners will attend the central assessment centres and they will assess the answer-books at the centre only. The answer-books will then be demasked and the result sheets will be prepared by the ‘{tabulators and / or moderators].

Provided that, the university may, adopt the same system for post graduate courses as well whenever it considers it expedient and practicable;

Provided further that the university may adopt an alternative system to the masking and de masking system for ensuring objective of secrecy as provided above].

(g) It shall be obligatory on every teacher and on the non- teaching employee of the university, affiliated, conducted or autonomous colleges or recognised institution to render necessary assistance and service in respect of examinations of the university. If any teacher or non-teaching employee fails to comply with the order of the university or college or institution, in this respect, it shall be treated as misconduct and the employee shall be liable for disciplinary action].

(6) (a) In order to investigate and take disciplinary action for malpractices and lapses on the part of candidates, paper-setters, examiners, moderators, referees, teachers or any other persons connected with the conduct of examinations, 4 the pre examination stage and the post examination stage or at any stage whatsoever] the Board of Examinations shall constitute a committee of not more than five persons of whom one shall be Chairman;

(b) Such a committee shall submit its report and recommendations to the Board of Examinations which shall take disciplinary action in the matter as it deems fit against the person or persons involved in the malpractice’s directly or indirectly];

(7) The Board shall prepare the financial estimates for incorporation in the budget of the university and shall submit the same to the

Finance and Accounts ‘

(8) The Board shall arrange for strict vigilance during the conduct of the examinations so as to avoid use of unfair means by the students, teachers, invigilators, supervisors, etc.;

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