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(l) The Chairperson of the State Council and the Chairperson of any Regional Council shall hold office for a term of four years from the date of their appointments as the Chairpersons.

(2) Nothing in the sub-section (1) shall affect the power of the, Government to transfer, in the exigencies of public service, any Chairperson to any other post under the Government during such term; and if any Chairperson superannuates in the service of Government, he shall cease to be the Chairperson unless services are extended or the Chairperson is reemployed in the service of Government and is not transferred to some other post.

(3) The Government may, from time to time, extend the term of office of a Chairperson of the State Council or Regional Council, so however, that the aggregate period of the term shall not exceed eight years.

(4) The Chairperson of the State Council and the Chairperson of a Regional Councils shall be the employees of the Government from the Maharashtra Education Services, Group A and the Chairperson shall draw their salary and allowances from the Consolidated Fund of the State. The salary, allowances and other conditions of Service of the Chairperson shall be such as may be determined by the Government.

(5) Where a temporary vacancy of the Chairperson of the State Council occurs, by reason of leave, illness or any other cause, the Commissioner shall discharge the administrative powers of the Chairperson and in case of temporary vacancy of a Chairperson of a Regional Council, Chairperson of State Council, may, appoint another person to be the Chairperson of such Regional Council.

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