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(1) The Government shall have the power, after considering the advice, if any, tendered by the State Council, to issue to that Council or a Regional Council such directions as it may consider necessary in regard to all or any of the matters specified in clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 23. The Council concerned shall comply with such directions.

(2) The Government shall also have right to address to the State Council or a Regional Council with reference to anything it has conducted or done or is conducting or doing or intends to conduct or do and to communicate to the Council concerned its views in the matter.

(3) The Council concerned shall report to the Government such action, if any, as it proposes to take or has taken upon receipt of the communication, under sub-section (2) and shall furnish an explanation if it fails to take appropriate action.

(4) If such Council fails, within a reasonable time to take action to the satisfaction of the Government, the Government after considering the representation or explanation furnished, issue directions which should be complied by the Council.

(5) In an emergency which, in the opinion of the Government, requires that, immediate action should be taken, the Government may take such action, consistent with this Act, as it deems necessary without previous consultation with the Council concerned and shall forthwith inform it of the action taken.

(6) The Government may by order in writing, specifying the reasons thereof suspend the execution of any resolution or order of any Council and prohibit the doing of the action ordered or purporting to be ordered to be done by such Council if the Government is of the opinion that such resolution, order or act is in excess of the powers conferred by or under this Act upon such Council.


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