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Subject to the provisions of this Act, the powers and duties of a Regional Council shall be as follows, namely:-

(a) to advise the State Council on matters of regional importance, either referred to it or on its own initiative, for the purpose of implementation of recommendations of State Council regarding standard requirements in the recognised and affiliated institutions;

(b) to demand and receive such fees as may be prescribed for candidates admitted to the examination;

(c) to conduct in the area of its jurisdiction the final examination on behalf of the State Council;

(d) to appoint examiners, moderators, supervisors and other necessary personnel for conducting the examination in the area of its jurisdiction for evaluation of candidates performance and for compiling and release of results, in accordance with such instructions as the State Council may, from time to time, issue;

(c) to admit candidates for examinations according to the regulations made by the State Council in this behalf-,

(f) to open centres within its jurisdiction for the examination conducted by it;

(g) to declare results of the candidates appearing at the examination conducted by it as directed by the State Council in this regard;

(h) to forward list of candidates according to the merit to the State Council for the purpose of award of scholarship, stipend, medals, prizes and other rewards;

(i) to deal with the cases of unfair means according to the procedure laid down by the State Council;

(j) to generally evaluate the performance of the candidates appearing for the examinations and to make necessary recommendations to the State Council in the regards;

(k) to grant recognition to the institutions under its jurisdiction and to withdraw the same in the prescribed manner;

(l) to call for any information from any affiliated and recognised institution to maintain the academic standards and call for special information or report on being referred to by the State Council or its own initiative from the Regional Deputy Director of Education or any other Educational Functionaries in cases of poor academic fairing or with the intentions to improve the same.

(m) to forward with the remarks, the recommendations of its committees to the State Council for necessary action;

(n) to require institutions recognised by it or the Education Department to extend their co-operation in conduct of the examinations and to withdraw or cause to withdraw the privileges of the Council or the Education Department from any such institution which does not cooperate without any acceptable and tenable reasons after giving such institution a reasonable opportunity of showing cause why such order should not be make;

(o) to conduct such correspondence and other non-formal courses leading to the examination as the State Council may specify from time to time;

(p) to exercise such powers as may by delegated to it by the State Council.

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