Section 24   [ View Judgements ]


(1) When upon the report by the Executive Committee, it appears to the Council that,—

(a) the courses of study, training and examinations to be undergone to obtain a recognised qualification from any University or institution in the State or the conditions for admission to such courses or the standards of proficiency required from candidates at such examinations;

(b) the staff, equipment, accommodation, training and other training provided in such University or Institution; are not in conformity with the regulations made under the Act or fall short of the standard prescribed by the Council, the Council shall make a representation to that effect to the State Government. After considering such representation, the State Government shall forward it, alongwith such remarks, as it may think fit, to the University or institution concerned with an intimation of the period within which the University or institution may submit its explanation to the State Government.

(2) On the receipt of the explanation or, where no explanation is submitted within the period fixed, then on the expiry of that period, the State Government may, after making such further inquiry, if any, as it may think fit, by notification in the Official Gazette, direct that an entry shall be made in the Schedule I or II, as the case may be, against the names of the said University or institution and the qualifications conferred by them declaring that the qualification conferred by the said University or institutions shall be a recognised qualification only when granted before a specified date.

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