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Subjects to such conditions as may be prescribed by or under the provisions of this Act, the powers, duties and functions of the Council shall be—

(a) to determine and co-ordinate the standards of occupational therapy and physiotherapy education at all levels;

(b) to recommend to the Government, the grant of permission to open new institutions or to open new courses of study or, training, under section 17;

(c) to maintain the registers, and to provide for the registration of occupational therapists and physiotherapists in the State;

(d) to prescribe a code of ethics for regulating the professional conduct of practitioners in occupational therapy or physiotherapy;

(e) to advise the Government in matters relating to the requirement of manpower in the field of occupational therapy and physiotherapy;

(f) to hear and decide appeals from any decision of the Registrar;

(g) to reprimand a practitioner, or to suspend or to remove him from the register, or to take such other disciplinary action against him as may, in the opinion of the Council, be necessary or expedient; and

(h) to hold elections before the expiry of the term of office of the members of the Council or in any case with a period of six months after the date of expiry of such term;

(i) to exercise such power, perform such other duties and discharge such other functions, as are laid down in this Act, or as may be prescribed.

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