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(1) Where the Registrar, before whom the memorandum is presented under section 6, on scrutiny of the document submitted with the memorandum or, on the basis of other facts noticed or brought to his notice, is satisfied or has reason to believe that,--

(a) the marriage between the parties is not performed in accordance with the personal law of the parties; or

(b) the identity of the parties or the witnesses or the persons testifying the identity of the parties and the solemnization of the marriage is not established beyond reasonable doubt; or

(c) the documents tendered before him do not prove the marital status of the parties; he may, after hearing the parties and recording the reasons in writing, refuse to register the marriage and may,--

(i) call upon the parties to produce such further information or documents as deemed necessary, for establishing the identity of the parties and the witnesses or correctness of the information or documents presented to him, and for that purpose direct the parties to appear before him with the required further information or documents on any other date as may be mutually fixed; or

(ii) if deemed necessary, also refer the papers to the local police station within whose jurisdiction the parties reside, for verification, and direct the parties to appear before him on any other date as may be mutually fixed.

(2) Whereon further verification as provided in sub-section(l), the Registrar is satisfied that there is no objection to register the marriage, he may register the same. If in the opinion of the Registrar, the marriage is not fit for registration, he may pass an order of refusal in writing, recording the reasons therefor and then refer the matter, with all the relevant record and his report in the matter, to the Registrar General, within a period of seven days, from the date of the order of such refusal.

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