(1) These rules shall apply to all such employees of the Authority in non-pensionable services (excluding persons working on work-charged establishment) after completion of one year’s service and such re-employed persons as maybe admitted to the fund by the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority:

Provided that, these rules shall not apply to any such servant between whom and the Authority an agreement subsists in respect of a

Provident Fund, other than an agreement providing for the application to him of these rules and in the case of an agreement so providing, shall apply subject to the terms of such agreement.

(2) Every employee of the Authority to whom these rules apply after a continuous service of one year shall be a subscriber of the

(3) An employee who completes one year of continuous service during the currency of a month shall subscribe to the fund from the month next following such month.


(i) The provisions of these rules apply to persons who are appointed without a break, whether temporarily or permanently to a post carrying the benefit of these rules after resignation or retrenchment from service under the Central Government or any State Government.

(ii) The benefit to the re-employed persons to subscribe towards the fund shall be given effect from the date of their fund appointment, but the Authority’s contribution with interest shall be credited only after the completion of the one year’s re-employment service.

(iii) The responsibility for watching that each compulsory subscriber is admitted to the fund rests on the respective Heads of Offices.

(iv) Apprentices and probationers shall be subscribers to the fund after a continuous service of one year.

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