Subject to the condition that no deduction may be made which reduces

the credit by more than the amount of any contribution by the Authority with interest thereon credited under Rules 11 and 14 before the amount standing to the credit of a subscriber in the fund is paid out of the fund, the Authority may direct the deduction there from and payment to the Authority of,—

(a) Any amount if a subscriber has been dismissed from the service of grave misconduct:

Provided that, if the order of dismissal is subsequently cancelled the amount so deducted shall, on his reinstatement in the service, be replaced at his credit in the fund.

(b) any amount, if within five years of the commencement of service, a subscriber resigns his employment under the Authority or the service of a subscriber are with the period aforesaid terminated otherwise then by reason of—

(1) Superannuation, or

(ii) General retrenchment, or

(iii) The dissolution of the Authority, or

(iv) Declaration by a Competent Medical Authority approved by the Authority that the subscriber is unfit for further services, or

(v) Death, or

(vi) health or other unavoidable cause:

Provided that in the case of resignation within five years of commencement of service, deduction may be up to 75% of the Authority’s contribution and interest thereon if the period of service is less than 3 years; 50% of the Authority’s contribution and interest thereof if the period of service is more than 3 years and less than 4 years; and 25% of the Authority’s contribution and interest thereon if the period of service is 4 years or more but less than 5 years.

Note 1.—For the purpose of sub-clause (b) of this rule, the period of 5 years shall be reckoned from the date of admission to the fund.

Note 2.—The powers of the Authority under this rule, may in respect of the amounts referred to therein be exercised by the authority competent to sanction an advance for the grant of which special reasons are required under clause (B) or clause (C) of Rule 15.

(c) any amount due under a liability incurred by the subscriber to the Authority.

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