(1) An advance shall be recovered from the subscriber in such number of equal monthly installments as the sanctioning authority may direct; but such number shall not be less than twelve unless the subscriber so elects and more than twenty four. In special cases, where the amount of advance exceeds three months pay of the subscriber under clause (B) of Rule 15, the sanctioning authority may fix such number of installments to be more than twenty-four but in no case more than thirty-six. A subscriber may, at his option, repay more than one installments in a month. Each instalment shall be a number of whole rupees, the amount of the advance being raised or reduced if necessary to admit of the fixation of such installments.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1), in cases where the advances is granted for the objects specified in sub-clause (viii) of clause (A) of Rule 15, the sanctioning authority, if it is satisfied that pecuniary circumstances of the subscriber so justify, may after recording the special reasons therefor and with the previous approval of the Authority, fix the number of installments to more than thirty-six but in no case exceeding sixty.

(3) Recovery of an advance shall be made in the manner provided in Rule 10 for the recovery of subscriptions and shall commence with the issue of pay for the month following the one in which the advance is drawn. The recovery of an advance shall not be made except with the subscriber’s consent while he is in receipt of subsistence grant or is on leave other than leave on average pay or earned leave of less than one month or 30 days duration, as the case may be. The recovery may be postponed, on the subscriber’s written request, by the sanctioning authority during the recovery of an advance of pay granted to the subscriber.

(4) If an advance has been granted to a subscriber and drawn by him and the advance is subsequently disallowed before repayment is completed, the whole or balance of the amount withdrawn, shall forthwith be repaid by the subscriber to the fund, or in default be ordered by the sanctioning authority to be recovered by deduction from the emoluments of the subscriber in lump-sum or if the authority competent to sanction an advance for the grant of which special reasons are required under clause (b) or clause (c) of Rule 15 so directs in installments not exceeding twelve.

(5) Recoveries made under this rule shall be credited as they are made to the account of the subscriber in the fund.]

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