A temporary advances may be granted to a subscriber from the amount standing to his credit in the fund at the direction of the appropriate authority specified in the Fifth Schedule appended hereto subject to the following conditions, namely:—

(A) No advance shall be granted unless the sanctioning authority is satisfied that the subscriber’s pecuniary circumstances justify it and that it will be expended on the following object or objects and not otherwise:

(i) to pay expenses in connection with the illness or confinement, including where necessary the travelling expenses of the subscriber and members of his family or any person actually dependent on him.

(ii) to meet the cost of higher education, including where necessary the travel expenses of the subscriber or any person actually dependent upon him in the following cases, namely:—

(a) for education outside India for any academic, technical, professional or vocational course beyond the High School stage or a course of military education in any Sainik School or military academy below the High School stage.

(b) for any medical, engineering or other technical or specialised course in India beyond the High School stage provided that the course of study is for not less than three years to pay obligatory expenses on a scale appropriate to the applicant’s status, which by customary usage, the subscriber has to incur in connection with marriages, funerals or other ceremonies of persons of his family or any other person actually dependent on him.

(iv) to meet the cost of legal proceedings instituted by the subscriber for indicating his position in regard to any allegations made against him in respect of any act done or purporting to be done by him in the discharge of his official duty, the advance in this case being available in addition to any advance admissible for the same purpose from any other source of the Authority:

Provided that the advance under this sub-clause shall not be admissible to a subscriber who institutes legal proceedings in any Court of law either in respect of any mater unconnected with his official duty or against the Authority in respect of any condition of service or penalty imposed on him.

(v) to meet the cost of his defence when he is prosecuted by Government or Authority in any Court of law or where the subscriber engages a legal practitioner to defend himself in an enquiry in respect of any illegal official misconduct on his part.

(vi) to meet the cost of any legal proceedings instituted by a private party against the subscriber in respect of the matter connected with the discharge of his official duties.

(vii) to pay the expenses incurred on account of repairs, additions, alterations, or improvements made to or in an existing house belonging to the subscriber or if he is a member of a joint Hindu Family to such family or to any person actually dependent on him.

Note.--—This provision will be applicable only to those subscribers under Provident Fund Rules.

(viii) to purchase on outright or on Hire Purchase basis or erect a house or purchase land for erecting a house individually or in a building owned either by a co-operative society or Authority or the City Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited.

(ix) to purchase a solar cooker on the following conditions:—

(a) The price of solar cooker on three months to subscribers basic pay or half of the amount of the subscriber’s credit account whichever is minimum.

(b) Competent Authority authorised to sanction advance for special reasons will be the competent authority for sanctioning advance for the purchase of solar cooker.

(c) during his entire service period, the subscriber will be permitted to get this advance only once.

(B) An advance shall not, except for special reasons, exceed three months pay and shall in no case exceed the amount of subscription and interest thereon standing to the credit of the subscriber in the fund.

(C) An advance shall not, except for special reasons be granted until at least three months after the final repayment of all the previous advances and unless the amount already advanced does not exceed two-thirds of the amount admissible under clause (B) above.

(D) Notwithstanding anything contained in clauses (B) and (C), the advance to be sanctioned for the object mentioned in sub clauses (iv), (v) or (vi) of clause (A) shall not exceed three months pay of Rs. 500 whichever is greater, and shall in no case exceed the amount of subscriptions and interest thereon standing to the credit of the subscribers in the fund.

(E) When an advance is sanctioned under, clause (C) before repayment of last instalment of any previous advance is completed, the balance of any previous advance not recovered shall be added to the advance not sanctioned installments for recovery shall be fixed with reference to the consolidated amount.

(F) The sanctioning authority shall record in writing its reasons for granting the advance:

Provided that, if the reasons are a confidential nature it maybe communicated to the sanctioning authority personally and confidentially.

(G) Subject to the conditions laid down in clause (B) and (C) Authority may in special circumstances sanction the payment to any subscriber of an advance if it is satisfied that the subscriber concerned requires the advance for the reasons other than those mentioned in clause (A). In fixing the amount of an advance, the sanctioning authority shall pay due regard to the amount of the credit of the subscriber in the fund.

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