(1) A person claiming unemployment allowance shall make an application in Form No. 8 to the Samiti Officer within 7 days of the last day of the period for which unemployment allowance is claimed. Separate applications shall be made for each continuous period for which unemployment allowance is claimed. The period for which unemployment allowance is claimed in an application shall not exceed 30 days. No unemployment allowance shall be claimed for a period beyond the date of application for unemployment allowance. A copy of the acknowledgement received while handing over the letter for employment shall be attached to the application. In case a person claims unemployment allowance on the ground that he was not absorbed on a work to which he was directed by the Samiti Officer he shall attach a copy of the letter issued by the Samiti Officer directing him to the work and endorsement of the Implementing Officer or his representative regarding his inability to absorb the person on the work. If the above requirements are not fulfilled in the application, it shall be liable for rejection.

(2) On receipt of the application, the Samiti Officer shall make necessary enquiries and if he is satisfied that the applicant is registered for employment under the Scheme and is entitled for payment of unemployment allowance, he shall issue an order to that effect Form No. 9 including the period for which the unemployment allowance is payable and direct the Registering Authority of the concerned village to make payment of the unemployment allowance to the applicant. If the Samiti Officer rejects the demand for unemployment allowance, he shall record the reason for rejecting the same and intimate the applicant in Form No. 10. As far as possible, the Samiti Officer shall decide the application for unemployment allowance within ten days of its receipt.

(3) The Registering Authority making payment of unemployment allowance shall do so in the presence of a witness and shall obtain the signature or thumb impression of the person receiving unemployment allowance and also the witness in token of the payment in Form 11 after making necessary entries. The Registering Authority shall submit monthly statements to the Samiti Officer regarding the payment of unemployment allowance made by him in Form No. 12.

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