Section 11   [ View Judgements ]

Contracts , etc., in bad faith may be cancelled or varied

(1) If the Central Government is satisfied, after such inquiry as it may think proper, that any contract or agreement entered into at any time within three years immediately preceding the appointed day between either of the two companies or managing or other director of any such company and any other person in relation to any service, sale or supply to, or by, the undertakings of each of the two companies, and in force immediately before the appointed day, has been entered into in bad faith, or is detrimental to the interests of the undertaking of the concerned company, it may make, within one hundred and eighty days from the appointed day, an order cancelling or varying (either unconditionally or subject to such conditions as it may think fit to impose) such contract or agreement and thereafter the contract or agreement shall have effect accordingly:

Provided that no contract or agreement shall be cancelled or varied except after giving to the parties to the contract or agreement a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

(2)Any person aggrieved by any order made under sub-section (1) may make an application to the principal civil court of original jurisdiction within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the registered office of the concerned company is situated for the variation or reversal of such order and thereupon such court may confirm, modify or reverse such order.

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