Section 11   [ View Judgements ]

Exemption of improvements from assessment to land-revenue

When land is improved with the aid of a loan granted under this Act, the increase in value derived from the improvement shall not be taken into account in revising the assessment of land-revenue on the land:

Provided as follows-(1) where the improvement consists of the reclamation of waste-land or of the irrigation of land assessed at unirrigated rates, the increase may be so taken into account after the expiration of such period as may be fixed by rules to be framed by the State Government [1]

(2) nothing in this section shall entitle any person to call in question any assessment of land-revenue otherwise than as it might have been called in question if this Act had not been passed.


1. The words "with the approval of the Governor-General in Council " Repealed by Act 8 of 1906 , Section 5.

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