Section 10   [ View Judgements ]

Power to make rules

The State Government [1] may, from time to time, by notification in the Official Gazette, make rules consistent with this Act to provide for the following matters, namely:-

(a) the manner of making applications for loans;

(b) the officers by whom loans may be granted ;

(c) the manner of conducting inquiries relative to applications for loans, and the power to be exercised by officers conducting those inquiries;

(d) the nature of the security to be taken for the due application and repayment of the money, the rate of interest at which, and the conditions under which, loans may be granted, and the manner and time of granting loans;

(e) the inspection of works for which loans have been granted;

(f) the installments by which , and the mode in which , loans the interest to be charged on them and the costs incurred in the making thereof, shall be paid;

(g) the manner of keeping and auditing the accounts of the expenditure of loans and of the payments made in respect of the same ; and

(h) all other matters pertaining to the working of the Act.


1. The words "Subject to the control of the Governor-General in Council " Repealed by Act 4 of 1914 , Section 2 and Schedule , Part I.

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