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Fund of Board

(1) The Board shall maintain a Fund to which shall be credited ---

(a) all moneys paid by the Central Government ;

(b) such sums of moneys as the State Government may pay annually having regard to its resolution No.V/I.4055/60E 120, dated the 26th September, 1962 ;

(c) all fees an other charge levied under this Act ;

(d) all moneys received by the Board by way of grant, gift donation, benefaction, bequest, subscription, contribution or transfer ;

(e) all other moneys received by the Board in any other manner or from nay other source.

(2) The Board may expend such sums as it thinks fir for performing its functions under this Act and such sums shall be treated as expenditure payable out of the Fund.

(3) A sum of money not exceeding such amount as may be provided by regulations made under this Act may be kept in current account with any scheduled bank as defined in section 2 of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 (2 of 1934.), or any other bank approved by the Central Government in this behalf, but any moneys in excess of that sum shall be deposited in the Reserve Bank of India or with the agents of the Reserve Bank of India or invested in such manner as may be approved by the Central Government.

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