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Power to make regulations

(1) The Commission may, with the previous sanction of the Central Government, by notification in the Official Gazette, make regulations not inconsistent with this Act and the rules made thereunder, for enabling it to discharge its functions under this Act.

(2) In particular, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such regulations may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely:-

(a) the terms and conditions of appointment and service and the scales of pay of officers and servants of the Commission, other than [the Chief Executive Officer] and the Financial Adviser to the Commission, including payment of travelling and daily allowances in respect of journeys undertaken by such officers and servants for the purpose of this Act;

(b) the time and place of meetings of the Commission, the procedure to be followed in regard to transaction of business at such meetings and the quorum necessary for the transaction of such business at a meeting;

[1] [(bb) the summoning and holding of meetings, and the conduct of business of a Standing Finance Committee;]

(c) the delegation of powers and duties to [2] [the Chief Executive Officer] or any employee of the Commission;

(d) the maintenance of minutes of meetings of the Commission and of the Board and the transmission of copies thereof to the Central Government;

(e) the persons by whom, and the manner in which, payments deposits and investments may be made on behalf of the Commission;

(f) the custody of moneys required for the current expenditure of the Commission and investment of moneys not so required;

(g) the maintenance of accounts; and

(h) the form in which certificates of genuineness of khadi and products of village industries may be granted by the Commission [3] [and the fees chargeable in respect thereof.]

[4] [(2A) The power to make regulations under this section with respect to the terms and conditions of service and the scales of pay and pension to be paid to the employees of the Commission shall include the power to give retrospective effect from a date not earlier than the commencement of this Act, to such regulations or any of them but no retrospective effect shall be given to any such regulation so as to prejudicially affect the interest of any person to whom such regulation may be applicable.]

(3) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, rescind any regulation which it has sanctioned and thereupon the regulation shall cease to have effect.


1. Inserted by Act 32 of 1961, Section 14 (28-8-1961).

2. Substituted for the words "the secretary" by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (Amdt.) Act (12 of 1987), Section 15 (24-7-87).

3. Inserted by Act 32 of 1961, Section 14 (28-8-1961).

4. Inserted, by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (Amdt.) Act (12 of 1987), Section 15 (24-7-87).

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