[1] [See section 2 (h)]

1. Bee-keeping.

2. Cottage match industry, manufacture of Fireworks and Agarbattis.

3. Cottage pottery industry.

4. Cottage Soap industry.

5. Flaying, curing and tanning of hides and skins and ancillary industries connected with the same and cottage leather industry.

6. Ghani oil industry.

7. Hand-made paper.

8. Manufacture of cane-gur and khandsari.

9. Palm-gur making and other palm-products industry.

[2] [10. Processing, packaging and marketing of cereals, pulses, spices, condiments, masalas etc.]

[3] (i) Manufacture of shellac;

(ii) Collection of forest plants and fruits for medicinal purposes;

(iii) Fruit-processing and fruit preservation;

(iv) Bamboo and cane-work;

(v) Blacksmithy;

(vi) Carpentry; and

(vii) Fibre other than coir.]

[4] [Manufacture and use of manure and methane gas from cowdung arid other waste products (such as flesh and dead animals, night soil, etc.)]

[5] [Cottage industry of limestone and its products.]

[6] [Manufacture of household utensils of aluminium.]

[7] [Manufacture of gum resins; manufacture of katha.]

[8] [Lime Stone, Lime Shell and other Lime Products industry.]

[9] [Manufacture of Lokvastra cloth.]

[10] [Processing of maize and Ragi.]

[11] [Manufacture of Rubber Goods (Dipped Latex Products)]


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11. Added by General Statutory Rules (G.S.R.) 591 (E)/84.

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