Section 18   [ View Judgements ]

Payment of portion of fine to informer

(1) The Magistrate trying the case may direct any portion not exceeding one half of any fine which shall be levied under section 3,4,7 or 8 and of the moneys or proceeds of articles seized and ordered to be forfeited under section 10 to be paid to informants and police officers who may have assisted in the detection of the offender. A direction under this sub-section may also be made by any court of appeal, reference or revision.

(2) Where a direction is made under sub-section (1) the Magistrate concerned shall send the amount to be paid under that sub-section to the District Superintendent of Police, who shall distribute it directly among such of the informants and police officers aforesaid as may be chosen by him and in such proportions as he thinks fit.

(3) The amount aforesaid shall not be sent to the District Superintendent of Police until the expiry of three months from the date of the direction under sub-section (1), or if an appeal is presented within that period, until the appeal has been disposed of.

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