Section 4   [ View Judgements ]

Term of the Commission and conditions of service of the members

(1) The term of the Commission shall be 3 years:

Provided that, the Government may extend such period, if deem necessary.

(2) A member may, by writing under his hand and address to the Government, resign his office at any time.

(3) A vacancy arising by reason of resignation of any member of the Commission under sub-section (2) or otherwise shall be filled up in accordance with the provisions contained in section 3 of this Act:

Provided that the person so appointed shall hold office only for the remaining period of term of the person, in whose place he is appointed.

(4) Government may remove any member, if he,--

(a) is declared as undischarged insolvent:

(b) becomes incapable of continuing as such, due to physical or mental disability:

(c) becomes unsound mind and stands so declared by a court of competent jurisdiction;

(d) has been convicted for an offence, which in the opinion of the Government involves moral turpitude or financial irregularities:

(e) has, in the opinion of the Government, abused his official position so as to render his continuance in office prejudicial to public interest:

Provided that the person may be given an opportunity of being heard, before proceeding as such.

(5) The Commission shall regulate its own procedure for the conduct of its business.

(6) The salary and allowances, and the other conditions of service of the Chairman and members shall be, as may be prescribed.

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