Section 10   [ View Judgements ]

Endorsements and other third-party involvement

(1) A third party, group or association shall not: -

(i) distribute information about an insurance policy, intermediary or insurer on its letterhead.

(ii) Allow an insurance intermediary or insurer to distribute information about an insurance policy, insurance or insurance company on its letterhead.

(iii) distribute information about an individual insurance policy, or about an intermediary or insurer in its envelopes, unless-

a) the third party is providing only a distribution service for the insurance advertisement and is not itself soliciting the coverage, and

b) the insurance information is a piece separate from any other information distributed by the third party and clearly indicates its origin.

(iv) Recommend that its members purchase specific insurance products.

(v) Imply that a person must become a member of its organization in order to purchase the policy.

(vi) Imply that a purchaser of a policy by becoming a member of a limited group of persons shall receive special advantages from the insurer not provided for in the policy.

Provided that a third party, group or association may:-

(i) endorse an insurance company or insurance intermediary's product and provide truthful statements, quotes, and testimonials endorsing the insurance products to the insurance company for use in the company's advertisements, so long as the language does not convey directly or indirectly a recommendation that members of the organisation purchase the products.

(ii) Provide an insurance company with information about its membership and collect compensation based upon sales for that information.

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