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9. Licences to manufacture insecticides

[1] Application for the grant or renewal of a licence to manufacture any insecticide shall be made in Form III or form IV as the case may be to the licensing officer and shall be accompanied by a fee of rupees two thousand for every insecticide and a maximum of rupees twenty thousand for all insecticides for which the licence is applied.

2. if an insecticide is proposed to be manufactured at more than one place, separate applications shall be made and separate licences shall be issued in respect of every such place.

3. [2] A licence to manufacture insecticides shall be issued in Form V and shall be subject to the following conditions namely:

i. the licence and any certificate of renewal shall be kept on the approved premises and shall be produced for inspection at the request of an insecticide inspector appointed under the act or any other officer or authority authorised by the licensing officer.

ii. Any chang in the expert staff named in the licence shall forthwith be reported to the licensing officer.

iii. If the licenseee wants to undertake during the currency of the licence to manufacture for sale of additional insecticides he shall apply to the licensing officer for the necessary endorsement in the licence on payment of the prescribed fee for every category of insecticides.

iv. An application for the renewal of a licence shall be made as laid down in rule 11.

v. the licensee shall comply with the provisions of the act and the rules made thereunder for the time being in force.

vi. [3] The licensee shall obtain ISI mark certificate from bureau of Indian Standard within three months of the commencement of the manufacture.

vii. No insecticides shall be sold or distributed without ISI mark certification.

4. [4] A licensing officer may after giving reasonable opportunity of being heard, to the applicant refuse to grant any licence.

(4A) No licence to manufacture an insecticide shall be granted unless the licensing officer is satisfied that necessary plant and machinery safety devices and first aid facilities, etc., exist in the premises where the insecticide is proposed to be manufactured.

5. [5] A fee of rupees one hundred shall be paid for a duplicate copy of a licence issued under this rule, if the original is defaced, damaged or lost.


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5. Substituted by Insecticides (Amendment) Rules, 1999,dt. 20-5-1999.

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