27. Duties of Insecticides Inspector

The Insecticides Inspector shall have the following duties, namely:

1. to inspect not less than three times in a year all establishments selling insecticides within the area of his jurisdiction;

2. to satisfy himself that the conditions of licence are being complied with;

3. to procure and send for test and analysis, samples of insecticides which he has reason to suspect are being sold, stocked or accepted for sale in contravention of the provisions of the act or rules made thereunder;

4. to investigate any complaint in writing which may be made to him;

5. to institute prosecution in respect of breaches of the Act and the Rules made Thereunder;

6. to maintain a record of all inspections made and action taken by him in the performance of his duties including the taking of samples and seizure of stocks and to submit copies of such record to the licensing officer;

7. to make such inquiries and inspections as may be necessary to detect the sale and use of insecticides in contravention of the Act.

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