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2. Definitions

In these rules unless the context otherwise requires-

a. "Act" means the Insecticides Act, 1968(46 of 1968);

b. [1]

c. [2] "expiry date" means the date that is mentioned on the container, lebel or wrapper against the column ' date of Expiry;

d. [3] 'form" means a form set out in the First Schedule;

e. "laboratory" means the Central Insecticides Laboratory;

f. schedule" means a schedule annexed to these rules;

g. [4]

h. [5] "pests" means any insects, rodents, fungi weeds and other forms of plant or animal life not useful to human beings;

i. [6] "primary package" means the immediate package containing the insecticides;

j. "principal" means the importer or manufacturer of insecticides, as the case may be,

k. "registration" includes provisional registration;

l. "rural area" means an area which falls outside the limits of any municipal corporation or municipal committee or a notified area committee or a cantonment;

m. "schedule' means a schedule annexed to these rules;

n. "secondary package" means a package which is neither a primary ackage not a transportation package;

o. "section" means a section of the Act;

p. "testing facility" means an operational unit where the experimental studies are being carried out or have been carried out in relation to submission of data on product quality or on safety or on efficacy, or an residues or on stability in storage of the insecticides for which an application for registration is made;

q. "transportation package" means the outermost package used for transportation of insecticides.)

(r) [7] 'commercial pest control operation means any application or dispersion of Insecticide (s) including fumigants in household or public or private premises or land and includes pest control operations in the field including aerial applications for commercial purposes but excludes private use;

(s) pest control operatiors' means any person who undertakes pest control operations and includes the person or the firm or the company or the organisation under whose control such a person (s) is operating.



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7. Sub-clauses (r) and (s) inserted by Insecticides (Amendment ) Rules, 1999 dt, 20-5-1999

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