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18. Leaflet to be contained in package

[1] [2] The packing of every insecticides shall include a leaflet containing the following details, namely:

a. The plant disease, insects and noxious animals or weeds for which the insecticide is to be applied, the adequate direction concerning the manner in which the insecticide is to be used at the time of application;

b. Particulars regarding chemicals harmful to human beings, animals and wild life, warning and cautionary statements including the symptoms of poisoning suitable and adequate safety measures and emergency first-aid treatment where necessary;

c. Cautions regarding storage and application of insecticides with suitable warnings relating to inflammable, explosive or other substance harmful to the skin;

d. Instructions concerning the decontamination or safe disposal of used containers;

e. A statement showing the antidote for the poison shall be included in the leaflet and the label;

f. If the insecticide is irritating to the skin, nose, throat or eyes, a statement shall be included to that effect.

g. [3] Commonname of the insecticide as adopted by the International standards orginisation and where such a name has not yet been adopted such other name as may be approved by the Registration Committee.

[4] [5] Two copies of the leaflets duly approved by the Registration Committee and signed by the Secretary Registration Committee, shall be returned to the manufacturer and one copy to the state licensing officer.


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2. Renumbered by GSR 533(E), dt. 6.8.1993.

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5. Inserted by GSR 533(E), dt. 6.8.1993

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