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15. 1 Issuing cash memo and maintenance of records

1. All sales of insecticides shall be made by a bill or cash memo in the form prescribed under any law.

2. All sales of insecticides made to licensed manufacturer (formulator or packer), stockist, distributor, dealer, retailer or to abulk consumer shall be entered insecticidewise, in a register in Form XIII and a state wise monthly return of all sales to actual consumers shall be sent to the licensing officer, in Form XIV within 15 days from the close of the month.

3. Every importer or manufacturer of insecticide shall maintain a stock register in Form XV or technical grade insecticides and in Form XVI to formulate insecticides.

4. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Central Government or the State Government or any other person authorised by it may, by notice in writing require any importer or manufacturer or any other person dealing in insecticides to furnish within the time specified in the notice, such information with respect of any insecticides or any batch thereof, including the particulars or all persons to whom it has been sold or distributed, as it may consider necessary.


1. Substituted by GSR 533(E), dt. 6-8-1993.

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