Section Title
  1. Short title and Commencement
  2. Definitions
  3. Functions of the Board
  4. Functions of Registration Committee
  5. Functions of laboratory
  6. Manner of registration
  6a. 1 Issue of duplicate certificate of registration
  6B. 1 Addition, deletion or alteration on the certificate of Registration including labels and leaflets
  7. Appeal
  8. Manner of publication of refusal to register or cancellation of certificate of registration
  9. Licences to manufacture insecticides
  10. licence for sale etc., of insecticides
  10A. 1Segregation and disposal of date-expired pesticides
  10B. Special provision with regard to sulphur
  10C. Prohibition against sale or storage of insecticides in certain places
  11. Duration of licences
  12. Conditions of licence
  13. Varying or amending a licence
  14. Transfer of licence
  15. 1 Issuing cash memo and maintenance of records
  16. Prohibition of sale or distribution unless packed and lebelled
  17. 1 Packaging of insecticides
  18. Leaflet to be contained in package
  19. Manner of labelling
  20. Prohibition against altering inscriptions, etc.on containers, labels or wrappers of insecticides
  21. Qualification of Insecticide analyst
  22. Powers of Insecticides Analyst
  23. Duties of Insecticides Analyst
  24. Procedure on receipt of sample
  25. Fees payable for testing or analysis
  26. Qualifications of Insecticides inspector
  27. Duties of Insecticides Inspector
  28. Duties of Inspectors specially authorised to inspect manufacture of insecticides
  29. Prohibition of disclosure of information
  30. Form of order not to dispose of stock
  31. Prohibition of sale
  32. Form of receipt for seized insecticides
  33. Form of intimation for purposes of taking samples
  34. Dispatch of Samples for test or anaslysis
  35. Manner of packing, storage while transporting 1
  36. Conditions to be specified for storage of insecticides
  37. Medical Examination
  38. First aid measures
  39. Protective clothing
  40. Respiratory devices
  41. Manufactures, etc. to keep sufficient quantities fo antidotes and first-aid medicines
  42. Training of workers
  43. Aerial spraying operations
  44. Disposal of used packages, surplus material and washings of insecticides
  45. places at which the insecticides may be imported
  46. Travelling and other allowances payable to the members of the Board, etc

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