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Section 25   [ View Judgements ]

1 Delegation of powers

(1) The Central Government may, by notified order, direct that any power exercisable by it under this Act (other than the power given to it by sections 16 [2] [18A, 18AA and 18FA] ) shall, in relation to such matters and subject to such conditions, if any, as may be specified in the direction, be exercisable also by such officer or authority {including in the said expression any Development Council. State Government or officer or authority subordinate to the Central Government) as may be specified in the direction.]

(2) Any power exercisable by a State Government by virtue of a direction tinder sub-section (1) may, unless otherwise provided in such direction, be exercised also by such officer or authority subordinate to that State Government as it may, by notified order, specify in this behalf.


1. Sections. 25 to 29C Substituted by Act 26 of 1953, section 17, for the original sections 25 to 29 with effect from . 1-10-1953.

2. Substituted by Act 72 of 1971 section 7, for " and 18A" with effect from . 1-11-1971.

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