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Preparation of inventory of assets and liabilities and list of members and creditors of managed company

For the purposes of this Act, the authorised person shall, as soon as may be, after taking over the management of the industrial undertaking of a company under section 18A or section 18AA or section 18FA,-

(a) prepare a complete inventory of--

(i) all properties, movable and immovable, including lands, buildings, works, workshops, stores, instruments, plant, machinery, automobiles and other vehicles, stocks of materials in the course of production, storage or transit, raw materials, cash balances, cash in hand, deposits in bank or with any other person or body or on loan, reserve funds, investments and book debts and all other rights and interests arising out of such property as were immediately before the date of taking over of the industrial undertaking, in the ownership, possession, power or control of the company, whether within or without India; and all books of account, registers, maps, plans, sections, drawings, records, documents or titles of ownership of property and all other documents of whatever nature relating thereto; and

(ii) all borrowings, liabilities and obligations of whatever kind of the company including liability on account of terminal benefits to its employees subsisting immediately before the said date;

(b) prepare separately a list of members, and a list of creditors, of such company as on the date of taking over of the management of the industrial undertaking showing separately in the list of creditors, the secured creditors and the unsecured creditors:

Provided that where the management of the industrial undertaking of a company has been taken over under the said section ISA before the commencement of the Industries (Development and Regulation) Amendment Act, 1971 (72 of 1971), the aforesaid functions shall be performed by the authorised person within six months from such commencement.

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