Statement of Object

1. The Indian Statistical Institute in Calcutta conducts investigation studies in the science of statistics and its application in various fields; it also provides facilities for practical and professional miming in statistics.

2. There has been steady expansion in the activities of the Institute which now include --

(1) the work of designing the annual rounds of the National Sample Survey and the Sample Survey of Manufacturing Industries, processing, tabulating and analysing the field data and writing and printing the various N.S.S. and S.S.M.I, reports;

(2) the maintenance of an Operational Research Unit on Planning at Calcutta Statistical Quality Control Units at Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi and Calcutta and other Units for studies in Regional Planning, Biometry and Psychometry;

(3) advanced research in theoretical statistics and the application of statistical methods to problems in various fields including demography, economics, planning, agriculture and industry:

(4) the training of statisticians deputed by the Central and State Government; and

(5) the running of an International Statistical Education Centre.

3. In view of the importance of the functions of the Institute and the large sums of money received by it from the Government, it is considered necessary that the Institute should be declared to be an institution of national importance under Entry 64 in List 1 of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution. The Bill makes such a declaration and provides for the requisite financial assistance to be given to the Institute and for suitable powers of control being exercised. The institute is also being empowered to grant degrees and diplomas in Statistics.

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