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Coin defined

Section 230. Coin defined

1[Coin is metal used for the time being as money, and stamped and issued by the authority of some State or sovereign Power in order to be so used.]

Indian coin: - 2[Indian coin is metal stamped and issued by the authority of the Government of Indian in order to be used as money; and metal which has been so stamped and issued shall continue to be Indian coin for the purposes of this Chapter, notwithstanding that it may have ceased to be used as money.]


(a) Cowries are not coin. (b) Lumps of unstamped copper, though used as money, are not coin.

(c) Medals are not coin, in as much as they are not intended to be used as money.

(d) The coin denominated as the Company's rupee is 3[Indian coin].

4[(e) The "Farukhabad rupee" which was formerly used as money under the authority of the Government of India is 3[Indian coin] although it is no longer so used].

1. Subs. by Act 19 of 1872, sec.1, for the original first paragraph.

2. Subs. by A.O.1950, for the former paragraph.

3. Subs. by A.O.1950, for "the Queen's Coin".

4. Inserted by  Act 
XIV of 1860 by the 

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