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Persons subject to certain Acts

Section 139. Persons subject to certain Acts

No person subject to 1[the Army Act, 2[the Army Act, 1950 (46 of 1950)], the Naval discipline Act, 3[4[* * *] 5[the Indian Navy (Discipline) Act, 1934 (34 of 1934)], 6[the Air Force Act or 7[the Air Force Act, 1950 (45 of 1950)]]], is subject to punishment under this Code for any of the offences defined in this Chapter.

1. Subs. by Act 10 of 1927 sec.2 and sch.I, for "any Article of war for the Army or Navy of the Queen, or for any part of such Army of Navy".

2. Subs. by Act 3 of 1951, sec.3 and sch. for "the Indian Army Act, 1911".

3. Ins. by Act 35 of 1934, sec.2 and sch.

4. The words "or that Act as modified" omitted by the A.O.1950.

5. Now see the Navy Act,1957 (62 of 1957).

6. Subs. by Act 14 of 1932, sec.130 and sch. for "or the Air Force Act".

"the Indian Air Force Act, 1932".

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