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(1) The Executive Committee may appoint such number of inspectors [1] whether from amount members of the Council or otherwise, as it deems necessary to inspect any institution recognised as a training institution, and to attend examinations held for the purpose of granting any recognised higher qualification.

(2) Inspectors appointed under this section shall report to the Executive Committee on the suitability of the institution for the purposes of the training and on the adequacy of the training therein, or as the case may be, on the sufficiency the examinations.

(3) The Executive Committee shall forward a copy of such report to the authority or institutions concerned, and shall also forward copies, with the remarks, if any, of the authority or institutions concerned thereon, to the Central Government and the State Government and the State Council of the state in which the authority or institution is situated.


1. Inserted by Act 45 of 1957 , Section 8 (w.e.f.1-12-1958.)

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