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Future maintenance of the service

(1) Any vacancy arising in any of the grades after the initial constitution of the service under rule 6 shall be filled in the manner hereinafter provided in this rule.

(2) 60 per cent, of the vacancies in the grade of Junior Time Scale shall be filled by direct recruitment on the basis of result of the examination and the remaining 40 per cent, vacancies arising in the grade shall be filled by promotion of regular incumbents of the posts as mentioned in Schedule II.

(3) Appointment in the service in the grade of Senior Time Scale and above shall be made by promotion from officers in the next lower grade with the minimum qualifying service as specified in column (4) of Schedule II.

(4) The selection of officers for appointment to posts in Junior Administrative Grade (Non-Functional Selection Grade) shall be made by selection based on seniority subject to suitability on the recommendations of a Selection Committee constituted in accordance with Schedule III.

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