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Section 12   [ View Judgements ]


( 1 ) The Tribunal to which a reference has been made under10[section 8-orsection 8A-, or to which an application has been made under section 8-], shall, after taking such evidence as may be adduced before it and after making such inquiry as it may think fit and after hearing such persons as it may deem appropriate, by order, decide the question as to whether the person named in such reference or application, as the case may be, is or is not an illegal migrant : Provided that where for the determination of such question in any case the decision on any issue renders any decision on any other issue or issues unnecessary, the Tribunal may not decide such other issue or issues.

11[(2) Where the members of the Tribunal differ in their opinion on any point, the Chairman of the Tribunal shall state the point or points on which they differ and make a reference to the President of the Appellate Tribunal which exercises jurisdiction in relation to the Tribunal who shall refer the case for hearing on such point or points by a member of another Tribunal under its jurisdiction and such point or points shall be decided according to the opinion of that member and such decision shall be deemed to be the decision of the Tribunal.]

(3) The Tribunal shall send a copy of every order passed by it to the prescribed authority12[or authorities] and to the parties to the reference, or the application, as the case may be.

(4) Every order passed under sub-section ( 1 ) shall, subject to the decision of the Appellate Tribunal, be final and shall not be called in question in any court.

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