Section Title

Chapter I           Preliminary
  1 Short title, extent and commencement. View Judgements
  2 Definitions. View Judgements

Chapter II           Form and Contents of Hire-Purchase Agreements
  3 Hire-Purchase agreements to be in writing and signed by parties thereto. View Judgements
  4 Contents of hire purchase agreement. View Judgements
  5 Two or more agreements when treated as a single hire-purchase agreement. View Judgements

Chapter III           Warranties and Conditions, Limitation on Hire-Purchase Charges and Passing of Property
  6 Warranties and conditions to be implied in hire-purchase agreements. View Judgements
  7 Limitation of hire-purchase charges. View Judgements
  8 Passing of property. View Judgements

Chapter IV           Rights and Obligations of the Hirer
  9 Right of hirer to purchase at any time with rebate. View Judgements
  10 Right to hirer to terminate agreement at any time. View Judgements
  11 Right to hirer to appropriate payments in respect of two or more agreements. View Judgements
  12 Assignment and transmission of hirer's right or interest under hire-purchase agreement. View Judgements
  13 Obligations of hirer to comply with agreement. View Judgements
  14 Obligation of hirer in respect of care to be taken of goods. View Judgements
  15 Obligation of hirer in respect of use of goods. View Judgements
  16 Obligation of the hirer to give information as to whereabouts of goods. View Judgements
  17 Right of hirer in case of seizure of goods by owner. View Judgements

Chapter V           Rights and Obligations of the Owner
  18 Rights of owner to terminate hire-purchase agreement for default in payment of hire or unauthorised act or breach of express conditions View Judgements
  19 Rights of owner of termination View Judgements
  20 Restriction on owner’s right to recover possession of goods otherwise than through court View Judgements
  21 Relief against termination for non-payment of hire View Judgements
  22 Relief against termination for unauthorised act or breach of express condition View Judgements
  23 Obligation of owner to supply copies and information View Judgements

Chapter VI           Miscellaneous
  24 Discharge of price otherwise than by payment of money View Judgements
  25 Insolvency of hirer, etc. View Judgements
  26 Successive hire-purchase agreements between same parties View Judgements
  27 Evidence of adverse detention is suit or application to recover possession of goods View Judgements
  28 Hirer’s refusal to surrender goods not to be conversion in certain cases View Judgements
  29 Service of notice. View Judgements
  30 Power to exempt from provisions of sections, 6,9,10,12 and 17 in certain cases View Judgements
  31 Act not to apply to existing agreements View Judgements

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