Section 15   [ View Judgements ]

Revocation of detention orders

(1) Without prejudice to the provisions of section 21 of the Bombay General Clauses Act, 1904, [Bom. I of 1904.] a detention order may, at any time for reasons to be recorded in writing, be revoked or modified by the State Government, notwithstanding that the order has been made by an authorised officer.

(2) The expiry or revocation of a detention order (hereinafter in this subsection referred to as "the earlier detention order") shall not bar the making of another detention order (hereinafter in this sub-section referred to as "the subsequent detention order") under section 3 against the same person:

Provided that in a case where no fresh facts have arisen after the expiry or revocation of the earlier detention order made against such person, the maximum period for which such person may be detained in pursuance of the subsequent detention order shall in no case extend beyond the expiry of a period of twelve months from the date of detention under the earlier detention order.

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